Terms of Reference

Toronto Skateboarding Committee Terms of Reference

Voted into effect Jan 21, 2015

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The Toronto Skateboarding Committee (TSC) aims to promote and enhance skateboarding and is accountable to represent and serve the needs of skateboarders in Toronto and adjacent areas.

The TSC accomplishes this by consulting with local skateboarders, as well as the broader national and international skateboard communities to identify and bring attention to issues and opportunities, and to formulate plans and strategies to address concerns and needs.

The TSC exists as an extensive local knowledgebase and aims to provide counsel and support on all manners of projects, programs, legislation and policies involving skateboarding in Toronto to all levels of government, local communities and the private sector.

Objectives and Approach

  1. Build awareness and support for skateboarding in Toronto in order to grow participation through education and outreach.
  1. Facilitate the creation and maintenance of high quality, accessible skateboarding infrastructure and programs across Toronto to meet the dynamic needs of a large resident skateboard community.

    Plans and recommendations are formulated in response to:

    • Identified deficiencies in existing facilities and programs
    • Unfulfilled or emerging needs
  1. Where skateboarding facilities and programs exist or are planned, to ensure long term viability by encouraging strong relations with host communities and responsible user group stewardship.


Membership directive: TSC members must be dedicated to supporting the interests and needs of skateboarders in Toronto and adjacent areas.

Membership goals: The TCS seeks to represent the interests of skateboarders across all areas of the city and the diverse needs of skateboarders participating in all varieties of skateboarding.

Participation and input is also desired from:

  • Parents and guardians of skateboarders in Toronto
  • Members of the local skateboard business community
  • Skateboard park designers and builders
  • Skateboard education and programming experts
  • Toronto business and community leaders

See details on member roles and qualifications in organizational by-laws.

Staff Support

Staff from Parks, Forestry and Recreation, along will other City Divisions are invited to all meetings. Special invitations may ensue for specific topics.


See organizational by-laws.

Executive Roles

See organizational by-laws.


Defined or standing sub-committee are outlined in the organizational by-laws – they include membership, skatepark strategy and marketing.

Provisional sub-committees may be formed as needed to manage committee projects and business, and address particular issues as they arise.

Provisional sub-committees work at the direction of the TSC, and are not self-appointed.

Provisional sub-committees are not adherent to rules on quorum, but recommendations must go before the full committee and be subject to a vote to move forward, or for recommendations to be incorporated.

See by-law for complete details.

Meeting Schedule

At a minimum TSC executive meeting are held bi-monthly, with additional meetings as needed to carry out committee business.


An annual report will be prepared detailing the work and accomplishments of the committee and presented for review at each annual general meeting. The committee will vote to approve the report. A sub-committee or member may be assigned to prepare the report.

Annual General Meeting

The TSC’s annual general meeting is scheduled to take place each year in April in anticipation of the upcoming prime outdoor skateboarding season.

See by-laws for all provisions and requirements of annual general meeting.

Review and approval of Terms of Reference

These terms of reference will be reviewed and approved (or modified as necessary) annually by TSC to ensure adherence to highly dynamic and often changing skateboard community needs.