West Lodge

Type of Park: Outdoor Year of Construction: 2014 Material: Concrete Ward: 4 Parkdale-High Park Size (sq. ft.): 2,900 Size (sq. m.): 270 Address: 165 Lansdowne Ave.

This skatepark was built in early 2014 as part of the revitalization of West Lodge Park which included various park improvements. Neighbourhood consultation meetings revealed that there was demand from local youth for a public skatepark. Limited space and budget resulted in the development of a small local skatespot. It features a variety of basic precast concrete obstacles that appeal to various skill levels including ledges of varying heights, a flat bank, quarter pipe, hip, flat bar and a unique concrete wave. that appeal to local riders and gives them a safe place to ride in their neighbourhood. It is a great example of how skatespots can be integrated into smaller community parks with limited space.