Type of Park: Outdoor Year of Construction: 2012 Material: Wood Ward: 13 Toronto Centre Size (sq. ft.): 6,456 Size (sq. m.): 600 Address: 33 St. Lawrence St.

This prefabricated park was built in 2012 as part of the Underpass Park revitalization by Waterfront Toronto. It offers a variety of obstacles that cater to beginner skateboarders from the local community. This park is busier in the spring and fall and when it rains as it is located under an expressway ramp which provides shelter from natural elements. It is underused for its size as skaters have a stronger preference for more challenging terrain and for skateparks made of poured concrete versus prefabricated steel. The slope of the park and the large expansion joints also make for a less than ideal riding surface. Many local skateboarders have expressed that they would prefer a permanent concrete skatepark in this space. StreetArt Toronto has improved the space with professionally painted murals by local artists.