Type of Park: Outdoor Year of Construction: 2003 Material: Concrete Ward: 1 Etobicoke-North Size (sq. ft.): 5,640 Size (sq. m.): 524 Address: 175 Mount Olive Dr.

Smithfield Skatepark was first built in 2003. It featured prefabricated ramps on an asphalt surface. The skatepark is in a busy park with other recreational facilities and amenities. Around 2016, the park was showing its age and was recommend for revitalization as part of the parks depart-ments state of good repair program. Local riders were presented with a number of design options during public consultations. The revitalized park features a new asphalt surface and a brand new ramp setup that includes a 4 ft halfpipe, and a variety of quarter pipes, banks, ledges, rails and
funboxes. A seating area has been added and the tall fencing has been removed to make the space more welcoming. Although there is a general preference for concrete skateparks, this is a good example of what can be provided with a limited budget.