Fundy Bay

Type of Park: Outdoor Year of Construction: 2019 Material: Concrete Ward: 22 Scarborough-Agincourt Size (sq. ft.): 6,456 Size (sq. m.): 600 Address: 190 Fundy Bay Blvd.

In 2015, Scarborough city Councillor Jim Karygiannis was approached by local youth with a petition in support of building a skatepark in Scarborough. The Councillor reached out to the TSC for direction on how to proceed. TSC staff shared information about skatepark design and construction with the councillors office, assisted with site selection and participated in an initial community meeting to present the idea to local residents. Fundy Bay Park was selected as it was the best site and was already scheduled for other park improvements. In 2017, funding was allocated to the project and a landscape architect and skatepark design consultant were hired to design the skatepark. TSC staff played an active role in community meetings where local skaters and residents provided feedback for the skateparks design. Construction was completed in late 2019 and there has been a lot of positive feedback about this new skatepark. A grand opening event in 2020 has been postponed. The TSC is currently  advocating for a mural project to help mitigate graffiti vandalism that has been observed.