About the Toronto Skateboard Committee

The Toronto Skateboarding Committee (TSC) was established to promote and enhance skateboarding in Toronto through consultation with the local skateboarding community and associated stakeholders, providing informed direction on programs, legislation and policy to all levels of government, communities and the private sector.


The TSC aims to promote and enhance skateboarding and is accountable to represent and serve the needs of skateboarders in Toronto and adjacent areas.

The TSC accomplishes this by consulting with local skateboarders, as well as the broader national and international skateboard communities to identify and bring attention to issues and opportunities, and to formulate plans and strategies to address concerns and needs.

The TSC exists as an extensive local knowledgebase and aims to provide counsel and support on all manners of projects, programs, legislation and policies involving skateboarding in Toronto to all levels of government, local communities and the private sector.

Objectives and Approach

  1. Build awareness and support for skateboarding in Toronto in order to grow participation through education and outreach.
  2. Facilitate the creation and maintenance of high quality, accessible skateboarding infrastructure and programs across Toronto to meet the dynamic needs of a large resident skateboard community. Plans and recommendations are formulated in response to:
    1. Identified deficiencies in existing facilities and programs
    2. Unfulfilled or emerging needs
  3. Where skateboarding facilities and programs exist or are planned, to ensure long term viability by encouraging strong relations with host communities and responsible user group stewardship.

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